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Be Part Of Nosara B&B Retreat's Future

The Future Of Nosara B&B Retreat

The land that you see in the picture above was put up for sale in early 2018. Those of you who have been regular guests to Noara B&B retreat will immediately recognize the lot Рright in front of Nosara B&B Retreat.

It used to be beautiful nature, where howler monkeys and many other animals lived. Most of the trees and plants have been cut down to make the land ready for sale.

In case this lot is bought by some other real estate investor, we believe there is a significant risk that the peace and tranquitiy of Nosara B&B Retreat will not be sustainable.

The Opprotunity Of A Liftetime

When we saw that this lot is for sale, our first reaction was shock. But then we thought: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”.

We reached out to the owner of the 5’400 sqm (58,000 sqft) land and submitted an offer which was accepted!

If we succeed in buying this land, we believe the future of Nosara B&B Retreat will be filled with light & happiness for the decades to come.

Join in an become part of something amazing!

The $500k Challenge

The agreement we have reached with current owner of this lot implies:

  1. Make down payment of USD 40k by January 31, 2019.
  2. At the latest by April 30, 2019, pay the remaining $426,000
  3. All legal costs are to be borne by Nosara B&B Retreat

We believe that if everybody who has come here and fell in love with this place as much as we have works together, we can achieve this ambitious goal – but time is of the essence!

The Best $1,000 Investment You Have Ever Made