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Getting Here is Easy

Costa Rica has two international airports: San Jose (aiport code SJO; travel time to retreat center: 4.5 hours) and Liberia (aiport code LIR; travel time to retreat center: 2 hours).

Recommendation is to fly to Liberia – you will find lots of flight options from all majaor airports in the world to Libera. However, depending on your travel plans before / after your stay at Nosara B&B Retreat, it might make more sense for you to fly to San Jose. It is also no problem to get from San Jose to Nosara B&B Retreat.

Getting from Liberia to Nosara, you have three options: (1) Public bus (approx. USD 10), (2) Shared shuttle (approx. USD 50, (3) Private shuttle (approx. USD 150 independent of number of passengers)

Getting from San Jose to Nosara, you have two options: (1) Public bus (approx. USD 10), and (2) Private Shuttle (approx. USD 240 independent of number of passengers).

Book Your Private Or Shared Shuttle

Terratours Nosara can arrange any private or shared shuttle option for you – not only from Liberia or San Jose to Nosara B&B Retreat, but also for any travel plans you might have before or afterwards. You can easily book whatever transportation you need through their website, they have a very good online reservation system. Click on the following link, select if you want private or shared shuttle and select your departure and destination location. You can even pay with PayPal:

Renting A Car

You will find plenty of rental car options and both Liberia and San Jose airport. However, driving in Costa Rica is not what you might be used to from your home – outside the larger cities like San Jose, Liberia, or Nicoya, you will often find unpaved roads with lots of potholes that might easily break your car if you are not an experienced driver in these conditions.

If this is your first time traveling to Nosara, we strongly recommend that you drive during daylight hours, especially during the green season when rain can make navigating the road more difficult.

The last 40-minute stretch to Nosara from the gas station in Samara is on a partially unpaved road that can be extremely bumpy and, at times, muddy.  It is best navigated in daylight.  Within Nosara, unpaved roads and lack of street names and streetlights make it easy to get lost.

To have the best possible experience, please allow plenty of time to drive during the day. Sunset is between 5:30 and 6:00pm, and it gets dark within a half hour.

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