Staying At Nosara B&B Retreat

Staying At Our Jungle Resort

Nosara B&B aims at preserving the beautiful nature around us. The government of Costa Rica has decalred the area where we are located as a natural reserve. We try to keep things as natural as possible to give you the real Costa Rican experience. You will wake up to the sounds of birds and howler monkeys, and relax in one of our hammocks enoying the sounds of nature.

We also share this space with the community around us, and while Costa Rica is in general safe, petty theft is common. A security guard will be there during night time and patrol the entire property for you safety.

By following these simple steps, you can contribute to making your stay as pleasant as possible:

  • When you check in, you will find a large beach towel on your bed as well as towels in your bathroom. To conserve water and energy, please reuse your towels as often as possible, definitely more than one day, please.
  • We change towels and bed sheets twice per week – leave the towels that you want to be replaced on these days on the bathroom floor.
  • Your room has two doors. A wooden dor and a green door with a mosquito net. Keep the green door closed at all times to prevent insects and other animals from getting into your room, even if you are realxing in the hammock in front of your room.
  • Do not keep open food items in your room at any time – put them into a closed bag or into one of the lockable cupboards/fridges in front of your room.
  • Store all valauble items in the security box inside your room – watch this video how to set your own code for it.
  • Lock your room whenver you leave the room and during day or night.
  • For high-value items like larger notebooks that don’t fit into your security box, we provide a high-security storage room with a steel door. You retreat leader has a key to it. Whenever you leave the premises, store your high-value items in this room.
  • A security guard will patrol the premises between 9pm and 6am. So if you come home later or walk the grounds during the night, do not be afraid if you suddenly run into a man with a flashlight.
  • When you meet strangers, they most likely want to get to know you and have an honest interest in helping you to have a good time.  But when leaving the premises after sunset, go in groups, have flashlights with you and take reasobale care.

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